Your data, on your terms

Privsee makes it simple to request your personal information and data from every company you’ve ever done business with in less than 10 minutes for free.

Companies have been collecting data about you for years. Some of this information is helpful. Some of it is harmless. But some of it, you might find surprising. Creepy. Erroneous. Or down right invasive.


Companies not only collect this information, but they also monitor you, your activity, preferences, likes and dislikes, and behavior so they can “improve your experience.”

At least that’s what they’ve been telling you for all these years.


Now it’s time to see for yourself. Curious to know what information they’ve collected about you? And how they use it?

You now have the legal right and ability to request and view this information.

You deserve to know what information they have.

Take control of your digital footprint and find out what information companies have collected on you.


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